I was born and raised in Corpus Christi. As a lifelong Corpus Christian, I love this City and it is my home.

For more than 30 years - my entire adult life - I have dedicated myself to being a strong advocate for my clients – both in the private sector and in the legal profession.  I am eager to build upon my lifetime of work and proven dedication to serve the citizens of Nueces County through the 28th District Court.

I believe that my passion for the law, dedication to the community, desire to serve the public, and core values of honesty and fairness will make me a District Judge that you will be proud to support.

My background and experience have prepared me well to serve as District Judge. I graduated from Ray High School and earned a bachelor’s degree from Southern Methodist University. Instead of taking the traditional path as most lawyers, and going straight to law school, I returned home to Corpus Christi to build a thriving travel business from scratch, McCauley Travel Service. For more than 12 years I successfully navigated the business world and worked hard to persevere as a small business owner, while striving to provide exceptional customer service to my clients. After more than a decade in the trenches of the business world, I sold my successful business to pursue my calling of becoming a lawyer.

Walking away from a successful business and taking a leap of faith to attend law school was risky, but it turned out to be a fantastic decision for me. I loved law school! I loved learning about the law and reading and analyzing cases. This passion remains with me today, and this is one reason I love practicing law. I have been so blessed – both in my early business career and, later, in my professional career as a lawyer.

After finishing my studies at South Texas College of Law, I once again returned to my hometown to begin my law career as an Assistant District Attorney in the Nueces County DA’s office where I honed my skills in courtroom and trial experience. I loved my tenure at the DA’s office, where the courtroom became my office, and I interacted with judges and lawyers on a daily basis.

I was later invited to join the law firm of Gary Thomasson Hall & Marks, PC where I became partner in 2010; our firm changed its name to Ostarch Hilmy & McCauley, PLLC in 2013. In private practice, I have been fortunate to work alongside some of the best and brightest lawyers in Corpus Christi, continuing to gain invaluable legal and courtroom experience and expanding my legal prowess, especially in the areas of business litigation, real estate and corporate law.

With nearly 20 years’ experience as an attorney – both as a public prosecutor and in private practice – I hope you will agree that my professional qualifications, personal values, and firsthand experience make me the right choice for the 28th District Court.

I am eager to bring my professional qualifications, personal values, and “real-world” firsthand experience to the 28th District Court. I believe I have the right experience and will be the right choice for the 28th District Court.